Director Oasis Global School

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Oasis Global School

I wish the entire OGS community a very warm welcome to the new academic year 2021-22 at Oasis Global School.

As we step into this new school year, I am very optimistic that this will be a time of new and novel learning - a season of new beginnings and a time of hope amidst a sea of change!

The ability to adapt to change and uncertainty, to adjust to a fast paced, globalised world, cultural guidance, sensitivity and mentoring, whilst building competent skill sets in our students to stay ahead of the curve are essential learnings in education today. In addition to knowledge

acquisition and performance, character building, leadership and life skills are imperative. Holistic education enables a child to develop and grow beyond classroom learning.

As partners in the learning community we all have our roles to play- of being the best role models for our children to emulate, is our great responsibility and duty.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”. Alfred Mercier Teachers and educators are in a perfect position to make learning environments and experiences enjoyable and memorable. Students must be engaged and invested to make the most of the learning opportunities available, hence I say it is important to be committed to learning.

Emotional, social and mental health and well-being are significant concerns during this time of greater dependence on technology and remote learning. With limited physical interaction, and opportunities for socialisation, we need to be vigilant and sensitive to any altered behaviour and attitude in our children. The school wellness teams are always available for guidance and counselling

My vision for the OGS student fraternity continues is to be expansive. To possess qualities of international and open mindedness, with an unquenchable thirst to learn and expand one’s horizons, to appreciate and respect different perspectives, to value the uniqueness in each other's differences, to develop a greater inter cultural sensitivity and understanding and to cultivate a spirit of gratitude, positivity and hope. At OGS our endeavours continue to provide our students unparalleled learning and excellence.

I believe this new school year will teach us all to step out of our comfort zones, to view life with renewed strength and boldness, to usher in a season of new learning, achievements and success

As ever, I look forward to your continued support and partnering with the school to enhance the learning experiences of our students this year.

With warm regards,
Mr. Ramniwas
Director Oasis Global School