Classroom Learning

Interactive Whiteboards & Projection Screens

To make classroom learning more exciting and interesting for the students, OGS has now introduced Interactive Whiteboards as a medium to communicate and connect with the students in their own language. OGS has taken an unprecedented step by integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) with classroom teaching. The teachers will be using a digital format to prepare lessons and Interactive Whiteboards will be utilized to conduct lessons in the classroom.


Unlike the traditional system, OGS conducts both its theory lessons and practical experiments in the science laboratory itself. OGS is very well equipped with state of the art research industry standard laboratory equipments that enable the students to attain the highest level of excellence.


To expand the artistic qualities of our students, OGS provides studios for Dance, Music and Theatre for ample practice.

Design & Technology Workshop

The Design & Technology laboratory at OGS is very well equipped with industry standard machines and equipments enabling them to pursue individual projects. The teachers constantly guide and motivate the students and hone their skills to perfection.


OGS houses a special atrium in each academic building, aesthetically done with skylights and a glazed finish to enable infusion of natural light, making it a prominent place well suited for socializing and group learning. We believe that besides classroom contact, education prospers with a lot of informal contact outside the classroom, therefore providing a space like these atriums that act as knowledge centres for students and teachers alike.
These atriums also have a mini amphitheatre for any activity or outdoor classes.


Another striking feature in the school is the majestic amphitheatre where most of the functions and school events like the Graduation Day, Founder's Day etc will take place. The amphitheatre will be able to accommodate more than 1000 people for any occasion

Library & Media Centre

OGS encourages a love for reading. Our Library cum Media centre not only has a vast range of real books but also quite story telling corners. We use a special software Library Management Software which enables the students to access library resources online, from anywhere.