Bonding With Parents

Quintessential Assemblies

Assemblies create a sense of community, they work as a unifying force and make all students feel that they are a part of the school community. The session 2019-20 began with some meaningful and vibrant assemblies. All students of classes VI to VIII got an opportunity to showcase their talent. Here is a glimpse of all that unfolded on the stage in the month of April, May and July.

Assemblies on a variety of themes were conducted. The stage was set on fire with the spectacular performances by children. Some very pertinent and relevant themes such as Self Awareness and Self Esteem, Critical and Creative Thinking, Bullying, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and Intricacies of Mind were taken up by students of the senior grades. Grade VIII students enthralled the audience with their informative and stimulating presentations on Bio Mimicry, Adolescence, Power of Words and Inter- Personal Relationships. The students performed short skits, gave speeches and included mellifluous song and dance performances in their presentations. News was an essential part of all the morning assemblies. This helped in making students aware of the important and critical happenings of the world around us. Every assembly was unique in itself. The concepts conveyed by the students were thought- provoking and stirring. These assemblies not only helped in creating awareness but also helped in building confidence, oratory and theatrical skills of all learners.

Coffee With Principal

For us at OGS, nothing is more precious than our learners and their guardians who have always shown paramount faith and support to help in making this temple of learning stand firm along with the tremendous effort of our assiduous Principal.

School provides a new environment to which a child soon gets accustomed .What is very important to note is that discipline and learning which was initially and exclusively the responsibility of the parents must now be shared between the parent and the school. As parents continue to play an important role in the life of the child it becomes necessary that they work hand in hand with the school.

Face Time

Face time is yet another addition to our regular interactions with parents; it provides parents a window to peek into their wards curricular and co-curricular development, unfolding into a feedback sharing platform with the mentors. Each face time is followed by a fruitful and enriching coffee session. A healthy open dialogue and effective communication was very rewarding as the role of parents is always appreciated and valued by OGS to reach its academic milestones.
All parents are presented with beautiful mementos as a token of love.

Open House

Open House is a platform for mentors and parents to discuss the academic and behavioural growth of the learners and find a way forward to bridge gaps, if any. Keeping in mind the increasing strength of school, this year the school introduced two sessions for each PTM to cater to first half of the class learners in the first session and the rest in the second. This practice has been quite successful as all parents get good time to talk to various teachers at length.